When life begins we tend to naturally cry and it is the ultimate foreshadowing of life’s experiences.

When nurtured in a healthy upbringing, we tend to have strong, positive outlooks on life and take on endeavors with such a determined heart to love life. But then it starts to degrade when pain begins to exist. It tends to start out small with falling down and having some scrapes and scratches which leads to crying. While that may be rather physical, emotional pains also ensue when feeling ignored or abandoned or hurting from a split home. Then comes the social pains like humiliation such as pooping your pants and people finding out (which I swear I have no clue of). The point being driven here is that with pain comes the follow up of fear for a one-two punch.

Physically, when pain occurs, it scares you to reattempt such as burning your skin in some manner to some degree. The deeper the pain, the deeper the fear to ever again place yourself in a similar situation. Now the emotional version of pain is the one that stings like when the “love of your life” dumps you or you lose a loved one way too early. Sometimes you are so young into your life that for specific avenue of experiences, you are naïve and full of life never needing hardened your skin for the tough love fight that is enduring pain. You reach points where in life one of two things happen: either you fuck up or someone fucks you up. In either case, someone is taking a L with a strong possibly of fear being instilled. In some rare cases you both take that L because the error is that costly. Then the concept of “survival of the fittest” starts to settle in as only the strong-willed survive. Sad as this fact may be, the weaker links tends to fold into life’s evils sometimes leading to the real nasty existences like depression, death, and self-destruction to name a few. But there is no lost hope as some do find a way to survive. For those who are struggling, you should not forget the power of the mind and how much your will power can drive your life’s outcome.

While it is easy to subdue into the hands of darkness, one must remember to know that is nature taking its course in the form of entropy where the path of least resistance is that of growing disorder. This is why it is easier to make your room a mess than it is to keep it clean 100% of the time throughout a year. Comedian Kevin Hart once said, “everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to work hard” and that’s a true life home run. To give it a remix, one can say that to be great, one must overcome great peaks. While it is easy to blame an ex for your broken heart, it is not fair to you and those in your future to stop from getting back up to try again with a true heart rather than one filled with grudge, bitterness, and resentment. The words in this paragraph are easier to type than they are to implement truly into your life’s efforts, yet I hope that for those reading this, that you can get away from this screen with a new hope (Star Wars reference) to tackle life’s pains with. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. in his Imperfect Messenger Special said something along the lines of “pain being a journey for each of us to go on. We have no place telling someone when to get over it.” Take your time with pain, but remember to be consistent to try and heal each and every day.

Life’s essence is to take in all that is the shitty parts of it and making light of it through holding onto happiness and peace.

<_-^-_ Temet Nosce ^ Nosce Te Ipsum ^ Know Thyself _-^-_>



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