Sacrifice is a word commonly used but not commonly known for what it truly means. By no means are we talking in the act of slaughtering; rather the act of giving up something of value in exchange for another that is perceived as more important, more worthy, essentially more valuable. Now sacrifice is not a crucial part of everyone’s life but it begs the question of whether it should be. The simplest case that comes to mind is that of a parent and a child. A parent should wholeheartedly sacrifice their wants and needs for their children. Yet not all parents succeed in providing that for them. This is where the definition alone is not enough to contain true sacrifice. There is a need to draw a line between not enough and enough for something to be claimed as a sacrifice. Although it is easy to fault perspective as to how everyone’s definition of sacrifice will vary, the goal here is to find common ground for all to root from.

It begins to take shape when one looks at how much is being given up in exchange for what is being taken in. If a mother wakes early to dress, feed, drive and love their child in preparation for school, the child in return is expected to be happy, appreciative, and in good spirits. But one must recall that sacrifice is the act of giving up one thing for another perceived as more valuable. A mother cannot sacrifice sleep for caring for her child only to expect the return of a happy child because then the mother acts in accordance with what the feedback from the child is. This isn’t the right way to sacrifice especially when considering that a parent should have unconditional love for all of their children regardless of how difficult they may be or may become. Although balance and fairness can be a way of life, it cannot be the way of sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the name and patience is the game.

<_-^-_ Temet Nosce ^ Nosce Te Ipsum ^ Know Thyself _-^-_>



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